We are blessed with such a big garage with three nice large windows and high ceiling… and to think it was such an embarrassing eyesore years ago. A lesson well taken.As you can see from the photo on the left there’s still a bit of work to be done, but we are getting there. JC took the bikes from the cellar and hung ’em up from the rafters and organized the tools. JM and I would like to use the exposed rafters to dry herbs and flowers. Think it would make it feel/look a bit more country and rustic,Photo on the right–the salvaged chalk board looks nice hung up and we hope it gets some use soon. JD took the PTF sign we made out of sticks for the Simple Living Festival out of storage and hung it above the board.


Yesterday the guys worked on sprucing up thesolar oven. Needs to be re-painted and re-caulked for Spring and Summer usage.Speaking of sun, so looking forward to Spring and “thawing” out a bit.


There was an interesting article in the Sunday LA Times about the problem we are having here in SoCal with forests in our local mountains. With the disastrous fires, mudslide and devastating spread of the bark beetle it’s time to take another approach….Compounding problems, 100 years of fire suppression has rendered local forest 10 times denser than they should be, making it easier for the insect to proliferate. Forest experts estimate that more local pine trees have died in the past year than the last 400 years. Walking through a dense forest behind the Twin Peaks lodge, Asher said, “What we see happening now is an example of Mother Nature taking over the management of this place because people wouldn’t let her.


JD was accosted the other day in our front yard by a guy who wanted “spare change.” He was a local neighborhood guy and we knew what he’d use it for so JD politely turned him down, but a friend of ours dug in his pockets and gave him some quarters. The guy ungratefully remarked, “Well, it ain’t a twenty.”  Guess now “spare change” is $20.

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