To say the least… Brrrrrrrrr….  It was another cold one again last night. Many of the veggies and tropicals were hit hard (blackened) by the cold snap over the past three days. Hopefully, we shouldn’t have any more because it will be awhile before we can recover from this one. Thankfully, a storm should be arriving late today and that will help raise the night temps a bit.


Spent the day yesterday cleaning and organizing cabinets and drawers in the garage. It sure is messy and dusty in there as we have yet to find some doors and lots of dirt accumulates. If we can’t find any soon, it may be that the guys will have to try their hand at building one. That’ll give them a chance to improve their carpentry skills. JD bought some orange cleaner, scrubber at the hardware store and JM and I spent time scrubbing down the packing table and sink. It’s a constant challenge to keep things nice and clean, but simply cleaning sure does do wonders to “old” stuff. Finding time to clean something up instead of buying something new saves money and you get a good workout in the meantime!JR finished painting and priming the garage trim and should be putting it up today and he also finished painting the cellar door. Yesterday JC and JD planted more annual edibles in the front yard and JD make a lovely spiral bed using the broken concrete.We also salvaged and cleaned some old shutters that we found on the side of the road which will be used as a door to the outdoor solar shower.


With the holidays our clients have cut back on their orders as many are closed for the holidays.   A few are even thinking of cutting back the days they are open for business – meaning less orders from us. Hopefully, 04′ will be good one for the restaurants and caterers or we are going to have to figure how we can earn extra income at home.


Problem almost solved! We figure out how to use all our extra duck eggs – FRENCH TOAST (ah, can just feel the calories being packed on, but, hey, it’s winter and with no central heat the only way to keep the fire inside going is to EAT!). One of our clients for our edible flower and salad mix owns an English tea house. They throw away bags of fluffy white and “wheat” bread (ok, have to admit it’s not Trader Joes Whole Grain Sprouted Bread – but it’s free). We’ve been taking it home and feeding the bread to the ducks and worms and using some once and awhile to make croutons. Now our Saturday morning special is French Toast (using a duck egg batter of a vanilla, soy milk and raw sugar. The toasts are then dipped in crushed corn flakes — a secret learned from a local restaurant that’s famous for its breakfasts, topped off with maple syrup or honey. YUM! Hum, getting hungry now – I think JM and I could use some of that bread to make bread pudding – haven’t had that dessert in awhile.


When shopping I usually ask for paper bags as they can be used around the homestead for mulching, storing items and even drying seeds. Always wanted some nice canvas bags. Luckily, JM came across some really big ones for cheap fromTwisted Toad. People have commented on how big the bags are and ask where we get them. They are shocked at the low price (about $2). It was great feeling using them the other day at Wild Oats where they give you 5¢ a bag or 5¢ wood token to give to a charity. We opted to give ours to a charity and plan to continue…


Whoopeeee! Finally got something new up on PTF about oursolar power system.

CLOSING IN ON 6,000 lbs

Close, but no cigar as the saying goes….From briefly scanning our Dec harvest chart, we are slowly closing in on 6,000 lbs. Although, it looks like we may be a bit short — stay tuned.  We’d have made it (and possibly surpassed) had the winter and summer squash harvest not been so pathetic . A couple of pumpkins or hubbard’s would have made a difference… But it’s great to know that we’ve encouraged people in our quest.

Weather Report: Glorious red sky this morning.  Going to be partly cloudy, massive storm’s arriving tonight and into Tues (2″-3″ expected!!!)

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