Jelly Palm

On Friday, Steve fromExotica brought us theJelly Palm we ordered to take the place of the date palm.

We’re a bit excited about it as it is a nice palm specimen which fills out the yard a little, not casting too much shade (allowing us multi story garden) and should give us tasty fruits in a few years.

Yesterday morning, the guys dug out the old palm stump – having to move all the concrete chunks they so nicely placed for a raised bed – and worked on planting the new Jelly Palm.

It seems like we always keep re-re landscaping the yard. Not everything that we plant works out and the winter months are the best time to transplant all the plants that didn’t do well and find them a good home, er location.


The winter solstice is here! From now on it’s increased daylight hours… yippeee!


A smashing, good show! We don’t watch TV sitcoms but we do enjoy PBS and often rent movies. JM discovered a little gem on video that she felt was calling to us:

Good Neighbors (or The Good Life as it was known in the UK) is the story of Tom and Barbara Good, a middle-aged couple in the 1970s who decide to escape the rat race by living a life of complete self-sufficiency. They exchange their car for a cultivator, and turn their garden into a full-fledged (if rather small) farm. Their good friends and neighbors, the social climbing Gerry and Margot Leadbetter sometimes provide support, and other times disapproval. Through it all, the antics of the two mismatched set of neighbors produces laughs and good times for all!

So she rented it. Unfortunately we found out that they have only the last eight episodes on rental DVD. We’d really like to see the entire 30 or so episodes, especially w/o having to buy the VHS (and still they don’t have the complete series available!)

It was really quite funny to find out that we truly could identify with the characters. The producers did a wonderful job portraying real life self sufficiency situations. It was a real riot! They had some really great lines about manure, money, eating chickens, frugal living, wild edibles and so forth.

I wonder if PBS will ever show this British sitcom again… In the meantime JM will try to find someone who might have the series on video. Jolly good.


We gave away the last of the knitted teddy bears as gifts and it was like parting with an old friend. It’s a really weird feeling. JM and I used to sell these bears in a store in Old Town. They were quite popular, but unfortunately the store went out of business and I never could seem to find another local shop to carry our handcrafts. The “big boys” — French Connection, Miller’s Outpost, Pottery Barn, Gap, etc – came into town and gobbled up all the independent one-of-a-kind stores that would be interested in carry these handmade bears.   Hand knitted teddy bears

Weather Report: Going to be a nice sunny day.

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