Hmm, that sounds to me like the theme song from the Pink Panther series….The four old garage doors that JD picked up the other day will be used to build a tool shed and a new cellar door. We first thought about using them to replace our ugly old garage door, but one of them has been cut considerably on the bottom so unfortunately, it can’t be used as it is much shorter than the others. Finding some old barn doors is harder than we expected. JM called around to some salvage yards with not much luck but there’s a possibly of something turning up on Friday. We’ll hope and see. Renovation on the garage has stalled a bit due to time and budget, though yesterday the guys went to pick up the trim and that was some progress. Since it’s a redwood garage we decided to keep with the character of the building and purchase redwood trim. The cost of seven pieces of wood was enough to make us gulp but what can you do about it? The plumbing problem is still not fixed as we don’t want to hire a plumber and his crew to dig a trench as they wouldn’t respect the landscape. So the guys will have to move plants, rocks and dig the trench themselves and just hire someone to put in the copper piping. So, in the meantime we still have a hole in the front yard and a bare spot where the plants have been.

I’ve been researching wood stoves and it looks like the best model for us is theVermont Casting Wood Stove Aspen model – clean burning and small. I don’t know if we’ll get around to installing one this winter seeing how our budget is. We’ll need to have our chimney inspected and it hasn’t been used for years so I don’t know what they might find that needs to be brought up to working order….


We got the birds, now we gotta get the bees. We’d like to get back into beekeeping this Spring. Unfortunately, thinking we’d be moving somewhere a few years back JD sold all his bee equipment that he had for years from his honey business way back (kept hisDadant books though!). We called the city and the guy we spoke with told us that there’d be no problem if none of the neighbors complained and if we’d agree to be inspected every year by the county AG extension.   We are doing to do a little experimenting this time and are trying to move away from the traditional bee hive system, stay tuned! JM’s taken it upon herself to track down equipment that we’ll need at a good price, perhaps find some used equipment somewhere. Darn, I wish we never sold that stuff… anyways no use crying over spilled milk. So many plans and things to do….. I’d better get to work as my giant ‘to-do’ list is staring me in the face. to do to do to do….

Weather Report: Warm with temps in the 80’s

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