Guavas, oranges, grapefruit

It rained again yesterday and it was a blessing for the garden. This morning there’s a thin layer of frost all around. Luckily, the guys covered the sensitive plants last night with some tarps as a precaution.

Everything’s looking a bit stark now in the yard as some of the plants have gone into “hibernation”. Hard stone fruit trees have lost their leaves, herbs have been cut down and are dormant — quite a contrast to the lush yard of two months ago.

The pink Indian guavas were harvested over the weekend and, boy, are they delicious (a scrumptious tropical delight)!!! I suspect this is our favorite among the different varieties of guavas as the flesh is solid and firm with few seeds and a gorgeous (almost fake looking) pink color. On Saturday we had our first Ruby red grapefruits and every morning we now add an orange to our breakfast from our orange trees.

Really quite a blessing to be eating citrus and tropical fruit in winter.


With the cold weather, JM and I have been concentrating on our knitting and crocheting.

JM over the past few weeks has finished a lovely “hippy” shawl, scarf, and is now working on a poncho. Our knitting teacher gave us boxes of wonderful yarns, so it’ll be fun to see what we can make!

As promised, here’s the photo of the lovely shawl JM crocheted.

Back of crochet “hippy” shawl


The landlord of a friend of ours was throwing away some old wood garage doors, so JD and some friends went to pick them up. We were thinking we could use the wood for something… stay tuned.

Weather Report: Chilly, expected to warm up to mid 70’s.

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