A PWP official came yesterday to give us our rebate for the solar and had JD sign the net metering agreement. We had expected it to take a few weeks or more as they had told us that the paperwork and work overload would mean that it’d be a few weeks until we received our rebate…. rather it took only a bit over a week! THANKS PASADENA! 

The PWP also told us an interesting fact that there are 30 other Pasadenians who have some sort of pv solar system out of a population of over 275,000

Speaking of solar rebates, an acquaintance told me that he read an article in the LA Times about SoCal Edison wanting take theCalifornia Solar Rebate Program from residences of the state and using the allotted fund themselves to build a huge solar plant and sell the solar electricity. I don’t particularly like the sound of that.

Weather Report: It’s going to be a cold one tonight, bring out the extra blankets and cozy up with some hot cocoa.

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