It’s quite chilly this morning and there’s a dusting of light frost on the ground so JC will be out hosing the plants when the sun peeks up over the horizon.

JC harvested another 3 pounds of tomatoes yesterday! The snow peas  and radishes are almost in peak production and are a welcome addition to our meals. Also, the dwarf ruby red grapefruit is just about ready to be harvested… Oh, sorry! I can imagine this posting is going to make quite a few people envious… what with all this talk about fresh garden veggies in December….

Winter tomatoes


On WED, JM and I went with a friend to visit a couple of the local thrift stores to do some shopping. The women’s clothing was mostly picked over but we hit the jackpot on men’s clothing.   One store had just gotten in a huge load of perfectly brand new heavy button-up jacket/flannels (donated from a local retailer in the area) and at $4.99, they were a real steal. So we picked up a bunch and on Thurs we shared the news of the wonderful bargain with a couple of friends.   Well, of course, they all wanted some for the men in their lives and so wasting no time, we headed to the store again hoping they were still there. We were in luck! We came out with an armful of flannels and brand new sweaters for less than $30 bucks! Love thrift store finds!

Weather Report: Sunny and cold.

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