JC and I finished sifting, sorting and packing the last of the seeds… it was quite a sniff, achoo, er job. The fine particles and dust make your nose a bit, sniff, uncomfortable.

JR harvested over 5 pounds of tomatoes the other day and they were surpassingly sweet and very juicy and were a welcomed addition to our meals (would have taken a picture but digital camera batteries needed recharge). In the fruit department, we are still harvesting a few Anna apples and all the guavas are started to kick in.

It’s cool and raining this morning….

As Jimmy Stewart merrily stated in It’s a Wonderful Life.. our house is drafty old one. Our little bungalow is surprisingly cool during the hot summer months (high ceilings and lots of windows), but oh come winter time *shiver* it’s like a meat locker. Luckily we have many south facing windows which warm up the main living and eating areas. And located in the living room there’s a “fireplace.” Well, not really a fireplace as it’s meant for some sort of gas operating heating unit.

In the dining room and kitchen there are blocked up pipes for wood stoves. We would like to put in a cast iron wood stove but California has strict emissions regulation on which types of wood stoves are allowed – which is great for the environment, but a bit more costly.

Until then, we use small electric space heater to chase the nip out of the air and wear layers of clothing.

Weather Report: Drizzling and cool.

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