I was so looking forward to a dark and rainy day (just like today) as an excuse to slow down and stay inside – perhaps sort out stash(es) of yarn or knit, read a book or (er.. the dreaded ‘o’ word) organize.

This old home doesn’t have adequate closet or cabinet space and it’s quite a daunting challenge to keep things clean and tidy. JC fondly remembers and recounts of the time he purchased a book on organizing but couldn’t find it due to the clutter (sad but true). It’s hard to separate life and work under one roof – stuff starts to mingle and pile up. We desperately need adequate linen storage, food storage, etc…. ah so much to do!

Do you have a story or know of any tips on how to downsize and or de-clutter? Please share them at our PTF forum: Organizing tips for your home and life.


Speaking of space and homes. JM and I were invited by some friends to tour some of Pasadena’s finest homes. It was quite interesting to see how “the other folks” live. There were five houses on the tour, four of which were mansions (having master bedrooms as big as the two biggest rooms of our home. One had six car garage and also a kitchen 1/2 the size of our house!). But one of them was our favorite — a cute, tastefully decorated and small English cottage (more our size).


Besides peas, greens and broccoli, we harvested a bunch of yellow guavas yesterday and the oranges should be ready this week. What a blessing to have fruit in December.

Oh, yes almost forgot, we are harvesting some lovely tomatoes, also… Lemon Boy, Celebrity, Sungold, Oregon Spring and Black Krim.  JC planted some more winter tomatoes over the weekend so we should have tomatoes throughout the winter months.

Weather Report: It’s raining!

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