There is more work that needs to be done on the garage… such as having to buy some wood trim for the accent moldings around the door frames and a “new garage” door to be found. We are hoping to purchase an inexpensive old barn style door from a salvage yard so I’ve been calling around to some dealers in the area. One such salvage yard had some doors but the prices… yipes! It makes you cringe and wonder how in the world can old, rundown doors cost more than brand spanking new ones?   

The side of the garage is becoming a nice outdoor living space. In the summer the grapes should grow back on the arbor and once again make it a cool and shady area. In addition, over this winter we hope to rip out the ugly, boring concrete and put in a more natural patio surface.

So many projects and so little time …. or maybe it just feels that way as we are frustrated because we have run into so many difficulties along the way…..

Speaking of DIY woes here’s an article:Home Improvement? When Do-It-Yourself Turns Ugly

“You try to redo your kitchen or fix that leaky sink and in no time you find yourself knee-deep in extra parts and a blown budget.”

Been there, done that (*wince*)……. I believe we are prime candidates for their “disaster stories.”

Readers, do you have any favorite DIY for budget home renovation/remodeling sites? Or DIY tips, stories?  Share them at ourPTF discussion forum!


A school was throwing away a nice large chalk board because the wheels on the stand were broken so we saved it. It’d be perfect to put on the inside of the garage for use in workshops of some sort. Now just have to figure on what to use for seating as we don’t want to use plain old metal chairs. The idea of hay bales as seating is appealing as well as useful for the garden/animals, but they are bulky and will be in the way of our limited space … perhaps the guys might whip up some benches if we can track down some scrap wood.   Boy, what we would give to get our hands on some scrap wood….

Shelf of wheatgrass


Sales are starting to pick up due to the holidays (sales were a bit slow for awhile during the later part of the summer and early fall), and the caterers are calling once again. Wheatgrass is a “hot” item this year — caterers are using it to decorate with. So, JC has been planting flats of wheatgrass. A couple of our friends are interesting in purchasing the flats for juicing purposes. The wheatgrass we grow is lusher and greener than the flats at Wild Oats Market or Whole Foods and perhaps even healthier due to being grown in rich soil and in the sunlight.

Another popular item again this year is pea shoots. One of our clients buys all we have. So peas are a great profit plant for us in that they are easy to grow, don’t take up much space, we can eat or sell the peas and even shoots.

Things are looking up in the sales department!

Are you thinking of starting a home-based produce venture or are a seasoned market gardener and would like to share your story? Check out the PTF forum on MARKET GARDENING How have you taken advantage of your garden’s produce?

Weather Report: DITTO… Warm and extremely dry

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