The guys finished installing theSun Pipe system in the garage so we won’t have to worry about using lights during the day. Speaking of lights, we finally have a light outlet in the garage with energy efficient light bulbs. This is great because it allows us to work in the garage during the evenings and catch up on some of the projects.

Making use of the lighting, last evening the guys made their first attempts at making ahyperbtufa plantera (pdf file). We’ll know the results in about three days or so. Once we get the hang of the procedure and hit on the best recipe (almost like baking–deciding which chocolate cake recipe is the best), we hope to build a small duck pond and lots of planters.


New ideas come from old buildings of the past ~ Famous Architect ~

Sorry, can’t remember the name of that “Famous Architect” right now, but wanted to put the quote up anyway.

Through the years…..

Nah, haven’t watched any of the popular Extreme Makeover TV shows… but the garage is going through one right now.   In between plantings, packing, and delivering, we are slowly restoring the once very ugly “eye sore.” We recently gave it a new paint job as you can see from the last of the photos. (The first picture was taken when we bought the house back in the 80’s)   The new paint has given the garage a warm, homey feeling – what a difference a few gallons of paint make! It was quite amazing to see it transform before our very eyes.   After practicing on the garage, we hope to tackle the house soon and restore it back to a simple “Arts & Crafts” bungalow of its 1917 time period.  

All that these old buildings need is a bit of love and a whole lot of elbow grease. But the transformation is worth it and not to mention having done it yourself makes it even more special.

Speaking of restoring, I called Linda yesterday ofEco Home Network. She has lovingly eco-renovated her 1911 bungalow and haswritten about her personal experiences (worth the read!!!).   She was very nice and helpful and told me aboutCHEERS (California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System).   I’ll be speaking with them sometime today.

Weather Report: DITTO… Warm and extremely dry

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