The average amount of time that the averageAmerican spends looking for misplaced things over the course of a lifetime is one year. ~ Harper’s Index ~

Hard to believe we are already in December and that ’04 is just around the corner. How time flies!

The weather has been perfect with brilliant blue skies, puffy clouds, warm sunny days – boy, we are certainly spoiled! The past couple of days were spent keeping busy with cleaning and sorting but still there seems to be a motherload of organizing that remains to be done. Too many precious hours are spent searching for the elusive misplaced something-or-other.

Newly plated area


On Sunday, JD and JC planted the bare spot in the yard where the palm tree once stood with Bright Light Swiss Chards, Dinosaur Kale, Red Russian Kale, Moujean Tea Plant and put back the Strawberry and Guava tree. JM had an idea of using the broken concrete to add a bit of height so JR broke up some more concrete slabs and we made a dimensional terrace in the middle. Ah… the area is starting to look better already..

OK, I know what you are thinking — just as almost everyone else comments on
— what’s with all the J names in the family anyhow? Not sure how it happened, but names beginning with J became prominent in our family or we just
seem to like J names.

Anyhow, back to the state of the garden report. The palm stump is still there, but inconspicuously hidden under the raised concrete bed. The stump should start decomposing quickly as the guys mounded it with quite a lot of “royal soil.” Hopefully in a couple months the massive stump will have turned into soil allowing us to plant an edible tree in its place.

There’s still a huge trench in the yard as we are waiting for a local plumber to give us an estimate on how much it’ll cost to replace the old rusted galvanized pipe with copper. Until then, it’s a bit of an attraction in the neighborhood – people stopping to look down the hole… maybe we should charge admission. hehe. Oh, yeah and not to mention people stopping to give plumbing advice. 😉


Two city officials came by today to start the paper work for our rebate (which we should receive by the end of the month).   They mentioned the possibility of our being put on a “tour” to show Pasadena’s residents/officials “green in action.”   In addition, they mentioned possibilities of participating in city sponsored workshops and even a community garden! We are very grateful to the city for all its rebate programs to assist us in our journey and welcome the opportunity to assist them as they help others (not to mention to have met city officials who are trying to make a difference in the community!)

It’s such a wonderful feeling – solar power that is. The panels just “sit there”, no noise, no pollution. We can “kick back” and let those panels collect the sun’s rays into power to run the fridge, computer or lights. On this winter’s day the panels produced over 4.5 KW of power (we average about 6.5 KW per day)! Imagine during the summer when we’ll producing more than we can use… It’s such good feeling… off to hum Mr. Rodger’s little ditty. 

Weather Report: Warm and extremely dry – major moisturizing needed.

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