Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

We all have been busy over the last few days with all sorts of “to dos.” The work was started off by cleaning out the garage – trying to get things back to some semblance of “normal” after the roofing/solar project. But today we are trying to get the front yard landscaped again. It looks like a disaster!

Why? On Wednesday a tree service came and cut down the date palm tree that was in the front yard. A day before we had to remove all the edible plants underneath to make adequate “drop zone” space.

It was very sad to see the massive palm go, but it was something that had to be done (it actually should have been taken out years ago when the yard was just plain ol’ grass). In fact it was a dangerous and messy tree — dangerous during those 60-80mph Santa Ana wind storms when the fronds act like projectiles and severely damage plants and once broke a window; messy in that there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of “dates” (non edible) that fall into the yard, sprouting like grass everywhere, making everything sticky to walk on and attracting hordes of flies. Date palms like that don’t belong near to a house on a small lot like this one was. So it had to go.

The look and feel of the yard now is hard to get used to (bit of a shock – a wide open, bare feeling) and with tree “dust” everywhere! Today, the guys will be putting back the plants they temporarily took out.  We gained some valuable growing space and in a couple months the area should grow back and fill in the monstrous void…. hopefully as fast as possible!!!

And to make matters worse, so to speak: when the trimmer dropped the massive palm head, it fell to the ground with such force that it broke the water line to the house. Water began bubbling out of the grown. JC had to turn off water to the house till the leaks were temporarily stopped. The guys patched up the pipes temporarily until we can get someone out here on Monday. Until then, we have a huge trench dug in the yard with piles of wet dirt. Pretty messy.

With that, so much work is needed to be done in the yard for winter. Perennials divided, herbs cut-back, falling tree leaves to be hand-picked out of the beds, winter crops planted, seeds harvested, dead summer annuals yanked and replaced and the list goes on. Year round gardening in So Cal offers little time to take a break – always something needed to be done.

Weather Report: Warm and extremely dry!

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