Ev’rybody’s ‘neath the trees,Feeding pigeons on a limbBut when Quinn the Eskimo gets here,All the pigeons gonna run to him.Come all without, come all within,You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.~ Bob Dylan ~

We have an unexpected visitor to our homestead over the weekend. JR saw Cassidy playing with a pigeon and quickly went to its rescue…

He immediately scolded Cassidy (and she of course looked completely bewildered as if to say “But I was only playing!“) and, not sure if the bird was injured, he gently placed it in a box till one of us gals got home. The good news is that the pigeon’s not injured — only has a few missing feathers. We are certain that it’s a tamed bird as it has absolutely no fear of humans at all.

But unfortunately it has no band, so are unable to find the owner. This has happened one time before — we had a friendly pigeon hanging around the yard that fortunately had an identification band. JM mentioned, not a few days back to me that someone around this area must be raising pigeons as she sees them fly around in a circular flight path each morning.

We’ve tried to send the bird on its way, but it has a hard time flying (missing a few tail and wing feathers). So, we shall let “Quinn” reside here till he/she’s well and able to fly away home.


PTF discussion board is really hoppin’! There are some great postings from fellow travelers and kindred spirits…

One poster has started a topic about listing10 ways to practice frugality each day.

Weather Report: Chilly morning, nice & sunny afternoon.

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