The guys built a nice worm box underneath the rabbit hutch out of scrap wood. They used a light row cover material for the top to deter pesky flies. The bin will accommodate our expanding red worm population.

In the past two days the solar panels have produced over 4.6 KW of power. Pretty impressive for a Fall’s day. Alan mentioned that we are fortunate to have a prime location for the panels without any interference from structures or trees.

Worm bin under rabbit hutch

Although we now have solar power, our goal is to continue to kill even more watts. We occasionally use candles in the morning (should use more) and are looking into purchasing a few oil lamps.

Last night we experienced a light frost – unusually early this year!   Wonder if this means a long, cold winter to come? We covered delicate plants as a precaution and will have to again tonight as the temps are expected to dip into the low 30’s again.

Weather Report: Sunny and warm.  Temps in the low 70’s.

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