Sunny Boy 1800 Inverter

With a flip of the switch we are now producing some of our own electricity!!!  It’s dreary today and the panels aren’t producing up to their optimum wattage capacity so we are still pulling a part of our electricity from the city. But, eventually, with a few sunny days the panels should produce enough electricity for our entire household – with some to spare!This afternoon, a guy from the city came by to inspect the system and we passed! The city inspector even took time to comment that is was a job well done
Right now as I am writing this entry, the only electrical appliances that we have on now are this computer and our refrigerator (both Energy Star). So, it could be possible that this entry is powered by the sun! (We haven’t figured out how to read the watts output indications yet)

The hard work and hours the guys put into installing the panels and JD’s attention to detail certainly paid off. Also, a special thanks to Alan atEnergy Efficiency who coached us in this project and to Robert who helped us with the electrical work.    There are things that could have been done better, otherwise it’s has been a worthwhile learning experience and a tremendous blessing!

Weather Report: Overcast and cool – temps in the low 60’s.

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