We gals made up our minds to stop making humdrum excuses and start knitting more often and begin to make forays into the diverse world of crafts.

We always seemed to come up with excuses when it comes to handiworks, the biggest two being time and money. We shall indeed find more time as we got re-inspired by readingLisa’s musings on Handwork! Certainly, we do take our hands for granted! Clickin’ away!

There’s an inner urge to create inside of each of us that we need to take the time to nurture. Whether it’s planting a flower, writing a letter, baking a cake or knitting a hat, we are using our hands as a form of human expression and inner desire to create.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! {Hopi Nation}

Speaking of knitting hats, our knitting group will be donating children’s sweaters, adult and children’s hats to our local homeless shelter for the holidays. It makes us feel good to see someone wearing our hats when the temps get chilly.

Weather Report: Warm.

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