The guy at the city said that we have qualified for the rebate! What a blessing! We celebrated last night with popcorn popped on our hand-crankedWhirly Pop.

Oh, yeah – got a bit excited over the successful solar panel installation in my post yesterday that I forgot to mention that there is a bit of electrical work that needs to be done and the city inspector needs to come out. The major task is pretty much complete and just a matter of tying up “loose ends.”

Once everything’s connected our meter should run backwards – that’ll be a sight (dole out the soy ice cream!). I do have to clarify that our solar system is “grid tied.” PWP wouldn’t give the rebate otherwise. I am wondering if they would allow a small battery incase of a power outage? I’ll have to check into that.

Also, we are looking into solar water heaters. Wonder if the city will have rebates one day? I talked with a guy fromSolar Roofs and he said to stick with gas as it’s cheaper, more cost effective and would take double the years to pay off to install a solar heater vs gas, We really don’t use hot water much expect for baths and very dirty dishes as we wash clothes using only cold water.   Still, it’s something to look into for the future.

Now it’s onto fixing up the garage which needs paint, flooring and doors. Also, like to build some shelving to store seeds and craft supplies. After that it’ll be re-paving the driveway (as it’s still mulch) and tearing out the rest of the concrete patio. We still have our hands full, but at least there is no deadline that we have to beat as with the solar system – should be fun to see it all come together!

Our experiment with growing Fall/Winter tomatoes is looking to be quite successful!. The plants are growing well and aren’t afflicted with any disease and loaded with tomatoes – some as big as baseballs! Though not ripening as fast as they do in the summer, they are a welcomed addition to our meals.

We harvested our first big crop of broccoli and a few snow peas are starting to trickle in. The avocado’s blooming again and guava fruit are started to grow larger on the trees. We are even still harvesting some strawberry’s, though but a handful. We really like the Seascape strawberry variety, they produce they’re hearts out all year.

In addition, the citrus fruit are starting to ripen; a few meyer lemons, moro blood oranges and ruby red grapefruit.

Weather Report: Bit cloudy, cool.

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