Certain parts of LA are still digging out from the intense storm Wednesday night and areas ofWatts look like a winter wonderland.A few years back, we got interested in weather signs and lore so we borrowed books from the library about forecasting weather and such. JD challenged us to predict the weather without the help of a weatherman by observing the clouds, the wind, the animals, and the tales of weather lore. One of our assignments was to sit in the backyard for an hour and observe the signs around us and then deduce from those signs, how the weather would be the next day. This experiment happened in June, so we were thinking that this would be way too easy — So. CA weather would be sunny, just like it almost always is!Much to our surprise, our individual observations of nature’s signs (wind direction, birds and so on) were all pointing to rain.   So after the hour was up we compared notes and found out that everyone had the same conclusion — it was going to rain tomorrow!Skeptical, we grumbled a bit about how old fashioned weather lore was crazy and then turned to modern technology and the local news channels to see if our prediction would be mirrored by the weather men, and it was not! They all predicted it was going to be sunny and warm. Now we were really skeptical of those old clichés of weather prediction!Well to make a long story short — the next day it did RAIN! Our “predictions” were right on!  It was an unexpected early summer rain storm that even caught the weathermen by surprise! So, it just goes to show you that there is some truth to old weather lore. Back in them ol’ days, folks needed to know how to predict the weather before the weather channel!Ever since then, we’ve been aware of changes in the weather – being in tune with the weather makes you more aware of your surroundings and the rhythms of nature.

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Weather Report: Clear skies.  Going to be a sunny and warm today, again.

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