LA’s Light Show, Courtesy AP

Yesterday started off as a typical overcast day with brilliant blue skies peeking through fluffy clouds. But late in the afternoon, the sky started to darken and looked strangely ominous. Around 4 PM thunder rumbled in the distance and it started to rain pretty intensely. It was quite a sight as dark clouds unleashed a downpour while the sun was shining – a glorious rainbow even appeared.

Actually, THREE rainbows arced down from the sky. Then the sky completely darkened, the weather was changing, an intense storm was brewing…  this was not an ordinary thunder shower.

Suddenly the flash and crackle of lightening. You could tell this was not the ordinary So. Cal lightening, this was the kind that lit up the whole sky. Lightening even went sideways across the entire horizon. Certainly was an awesome light show.

Luckily we are in the “highlands” so to speak and just experienced a deluge of rain and the show of intense lightening and thunder.   But the storm wrecked havoc in the lowlands; fast flowing water turned streets into small rivers, cars were swamped and stalled in intersections with water up the hoods, city blocks were dark with power outages, air travel was interrupted and even a knee-deep layer of frozen rain/hail covered the ground in some areas while five inches of rain was recorded in just two hours in the Compton/Watts area! A storm of which the likes have never been seen in these parts – ever! It was unbelievable!

The weathermen on the local news were using their lasted techno weather gadgets to track the storm and were elated that they had weather to report! It’s usually a local joke that the weathermen/woman’s jobs here are basically non-existent as So. Cal basically doesn’t have any weather. They certainly had a job last night.

And since I’m on the topic of weather:Study: Global Warming and California

Weather Report: Clear skies.  Going to be a sunny and warm today.!

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