Another gorgeous day here in So. Cal!

Thankfully, even though the temps do get a bit cold, we are able to fend off the chill with a space heater (but it’s not really needed until sometime in January). Unfortunately, it only warms our tootsies in the room that it’s in. So, to keep warm in other parts of the house, we dress in layers. At night we sometimes have to throw our sleeping bags over the bed – keeps us nice and toasty.

Cody licking his chops

It would be nice some day to put in anold “wood” stove and perhaps fix up our fireplace to working order.

The budget on the food bill has gone a tad bit up this month as we have been sending “goodie” packages to a relative of ours in the service who was deployed to Iraq earlier this year. {DYK that 7,500 Soldiers Have Been Wounded Since April? } Thankfully, there’s Trader Joes – whatta store! It’s easy to get all sorts of healthful and tasty munchies to send our cousin at reasonable prices. Nothing like having more for your money!

Every time I’ve been to TJ’s recently, they’ve been packed with people due to the supermarket strike going on. A friendly cashier told me that people come in and exclaim: “they sell eggs for only $1.79!” She thinks that TJ’s has snagged some new customers because of the strike since these newbies thought TJ’s was a specialty wine store, not knowing they have “essentials” like milk, bread and cereal. I know I’m singing the praises of TJ’s but the store’s been a real blessing – they have quality, organic food (and yummy goodies) at prices a family can afford!


Changing the subject: I’ve been commissioned by a friend of a friend to reproduce an X-mas stocking that was knitted long ago by a family friend of theirs who has since passed away. They would like to continue the tradition of matching X-mas stockings for each new family member and apparently it looks like they’ll likely need more soon. Luckily, it’s quite an easy design to replicate, so I shouldn’t have a problem.   It’s going to be an exciting challenge!


In case you haven’t noticed, we had a bit of a problem with the comment boxes!   I was wondering for awhile there where’d all the comments gone? I had forgotten to change the coding *duh*.   It’s fixed now.


Good news to report on the solar/roof project! Yippeee! So far the guys just got the brackets and some racks up and are waiting on additional parts scheduled to arrive on Wed. In the meantime, they’ve started roofing the other side of the garage and are installing the day-lighting system.

We gals are trying to figure on what ‘green’ eco-friendly product we can use to cover the broken, uneven, ugly concrete that’s in the garage.   There are some neat products out there but it’s hard to find something within our price range. We’re going to have to put our heads together to come up with something creative or track down some material that’s being thrown away and recycle it.

ATTN PTF READER’S: The Oct-Nov newsletter’s ready! Enjoy!

Weather Report: Sunny and warm.  Temps in the 70’s.

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