Volunteer Papaya

It’s going to be a nice, sunny day today!  A great day to work in the garden. They guys are moving the plants around the date palm tree to a temporary location. We hope to have the tree removed before the Santa Winds blow. Unfortunately, now part of the front yard looks quite bare, but once the palm is out we’ll have more space to grow edibles. The yard is constantly evolving year after year in our pursuit of Gaia’s garden.

Our yard has lots of volunteers– seeds, I mean. Popping up in an unexpected place, this papaya has decided to grow in a bed of mache. I think it’s from a papaya we bought at Wild Oats last year, the seeds of which we dumped into the compost!

I still continue to see Monarch butterflies flitting around the yard. What a welcome and cheerful sight they are. Also, this past weekend our neighbor’s pecan tree was assaulted by a flock of wild parrots. What a tremendous commotion they made. All you could hear was their incessant squawking and thudding sounds of the pecan shells as they pelted the grass lawn below. I remember when we used to harvest pecans from the tree and made pecan pie. The past several years the tree’s been decimated by birds and squirrels.

The pansies have stopped dying from the intense heat from a few weeks back, so now we’ll be able to start making some extra income! Although, the pansies take up a bit of edible growing space, they are a very lucrative (seasonal) cash crop in our area. Our clients prefer our flowers over all others and pay premium price for the quality.

Today the guys are working in putting up the racks for the solar panels. We finally got some help and correct parts fromEnergy Efficiency – although the guys are still doing all the work themselves. f

In addition, here are some more photos of the coop area.    The guys added an awning over the “chick-inn” to protect the ladies from rain and keep the food dry. For the two screen doors we have made little burlap curtains out of old coffee bags that can be rolled down when the weather’s cold.

Weather Report: Sunny and warm.  Temps in the 70’s.

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