We have pretty much completed the chicken coop renovation. Only a few minor touch-ups remain to be done, otherwise it’s a drastic improvement over theold coop. Leftover bamboo and pieces of wood we had lying around were used to build this new structure and we only needed to buy a few things. The gals are livin’ in style and certainly approve of their new digs!

Speaking of our gals, the chickens are molting (very bad hair, – er… feather day) and have not produced much eggs these past couple weeks because the weather has alternated between hot and cool spells. The ducks on the other hand are oblivious to the changes of temps and steadily give us two eggs a day. The ducks and chickens have a really good relationship and they hang out together, although they are all extremely selfish when it comes to who gets a bug or the first dibs on the fresh greens we pick for them. That’s when tempers flare and ‘every-birdy’ shoves and scuffles for a bite.

Cooking with duck eggs makes the baked goods richer but we don’t eat scrambled eggs so we wouldn’t know how they taste scrambled.

There’s a lot of work which needs to be attended to in the garden, especially in our neighbor’s yard. The neighbor is kind enough to let us tend a wild garden with wildflowers along with herbs and a few veggies. This summer it got a bit overgrown, so over the weekend we’ll have to tidying the plants up a bit.

Also, this is a good time of year to sort through all the seeds housed in a large filing cabinet we rescued from the side of the road. In addition, we will have to put the newly saved seeds in glass jars.   So, one of us will have to do that job and get all the seeds in order.

With all the projects and work that needs to be done, our lifestyle is regrettably becoming a little cluttered. Housework, organizing and de-cluttering have been put aside for sometime now and it’s not very healthy to have such a mess on our hands. So we’ll have to tackle that soon. *urgh*

Weather Report: Cool

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