NINETEEN-YEAR PASADENA RESIDENT JULES DERVAES and his family own a vintage 1917 home on Cypress Avenue. But despite his old-fashioned abode, Mr. Dervaes has his mind on the future.

“For many years, I’ve been conscious about the environment and what we should do to reduce, reuse and recycle all the waste we create everyday,” he said. “I strongly believe that although I may not be able to change the world, I can at least change my ‘footprint’ on this earth.”

This commitment to the environment led Dervaes straight to PWP’s energy and water conservation programs and he’s been a steady customer ever since.

Most recently, he gained a little energy-saving shade for his home – not to mention an unlimited supply of guacamole – when he purchased two avocado trees through PWP’s Cool Trees Program.He has ripped out his lawn and replaced it withdrought-tolerantand edible plants, secured a

Jules Dervaes (Mike Marshall Photography)composter from the city for his organic garden, uses energy-efficient light bulbs and, spurred by PWP rebate offers, installed two new water-saving toilets. Now he’s planning to install solar panels on his rooftop.

Dervaes has earned additional PWP rebates for purchasing several EnergyStar energy-saving appliances as well as a high-efficiency, water-saving washing machine for his 1,500-square-foot home.

“Our electricity bill is considerably less than in previous years,” he reports. “In 2000 we were using an average of 10.6 kilowatt hours per day and now we average 6.8 kilowatt hours. Without PWP’s rebate program, we may never have upgraded our equipment; but with the extra incentive, we felt we could afford to buy EnergyStar products and replace old appliances,” said Dervaes. “But our participation wasn’t limited to just saving money. To us, it was one more step toward reducing the strain on our limited resources. We are very appreciative of the city’s efforts to assist us in making our world a greener (and cooler) place.”

Follow his lead! Call PWP’s AnswerLine today at 744-6970 or visitwww.PWPweb.com to learn about our money-saving rebate programs.

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