With all the work that’s going on here, the Sept-Oct issues of the PTF newsletter have become an unfortunate casualty due to lack of time. Not wanting to pronounce this November issue DOA, we’ve found a little time to work on collecting some great articles and hope to publish the issue at the beginning of next week.

In addition, we’ve been working on an online store for PTF so that we can offer extra seeds that we’ve saved from our garden. With the rapid loss of biodiversity we feel it’s critical to revive the skills of seed saving and become seed stewards. Due to limited space, we find it challenging to successfully collect all varieties of plants that we grow. Because of our circumstances in restricted space, we are unable to save all the seeds that we’d like to.

The cool crop veggies are recovering nicely with the winter-like weather we’ve been having. We’ve been busy working in the garden, clearing out dead annuals, collecting seeds, transplanting, composting and so on.

In addition, there is some progress to report with the roof. The guys (and one of us gals) shingled one side yesterday and it really looks great! While roofing they received comments from people passing that it looks quite professional. Great confidence booster!

I believe I mentioned that we hope to turn the garage into a workshop area for the community? A place people can come and take part in workshops and get-togethers. We are really excited about the possibilities and this gives us an excellent opportunity to reach out and share our blessings with others. Our dream is to operate a resource center to help encourage ecological consciousness and sustainable living skills.

As we fix up the garage we’d like to incorporate eco and resourceful renovation techniques. So, we gals have been busy reading and researching green materials that we can use, tracking down sources and comparing prices. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity to have a garage as a practice model to develop our skills which we hope to use in the future when we tackle our house.

Weather Report: Crisp, sunny day.

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