We went from summer to winter temps (and rain) in two days! Frost advisories were issued to some parts of the Southland last night. So Jack Frost is on the prowl a bit early this year.  Also, our first rains of the season usually come sometime in January, so the rains are early this year. But it really helped the plants recover from the brutal three weeks of hot temperatures.

Oh, I guess some of our readers are wondering how our progress on the solar panel installations is going as I haven’t said a peep about it recently. Here’s a bit of a modified and conservative rundown…

So far we’ve run into a few (never-ending) difficulties.   The solar company that we contracted with ordered the wrong parts and drew up wrong schematics. Frustrated, we took it upon ourselves to find the correct mounting system and JD drew up the plans himself. In the meantime, the roof is yet to be completed due to the rain and other stuff that got in the way (roofing company sold us defective singles, etcetera, etcetera ).   We’ve called around for help and assistance from another solar installer in the area, but they are new at this sort of stuff too and weren’t quite sure either.   Everyone has different opinions and some are even contrary to what the instructions state!   JD called different three people and got three different answers! Unbelievable really.   So, it looks like we are on our own for this job. Haven’t found someone who would have pity on some DIYers and lend us a hand to help us out of this jam.  

We received thispiece of literature in the mail out of the blue, perhaps someone is trying to give us a hint (?) Maybe we really should call 1-800-WOE IS ME (*grin*) The have pretty humorous sayings, like this one on “Mistakes” We read the catalog out at the supper table the other day, everyone was laughing – even more so that some of the sayings are sooo true! Can’t believe this guy’s making money off of this STUFF.

Weather Report: Crisp, sunny day.

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