PTF has organized theLA County FreeCycle Network. This “group” is open to all those individuals, businesses, or groups who want to recycle any item that is no longer useful to them rather than send it to the overcrowded, sprawling trash dumps of our nation.

If you’d like to start one in your city and reada CSM article about this movement:The new junkyard: It’s online and free

Attn: So. Calers, pass the word…


Speaking about waste…

While talking with a friend of ours the other day, we learned that he recently landed a job with, well let’s just say a very “famous” entertainment studio company in Burbank.

He described to us with utter amazement on how much food goes to waste with the filming crews. The studio company hires a half-dozen chefs to bring in loads and loads of food for the crew and only a partial portion of it gets consumed. So this friend of ours asks one of the chefs what was going to happen to the perfectly good leftovers. The answer?   It’ll be dumped in the garbage.

Imagine that! How many starving people could they have fed? One shame is all the time/money going into making a movie that probably won’t be anything spectacular, the other shame is throwing away food which people in some countries could live for days on. Now that’s disgusting.

Weather Report: Fog’s rolled in… praying for the fires to end.

Lives, homes, history, beautiful pine forests, charming old mountain communities, even the Little House on the Prairie set destroyed. Still more communities in danger, especially the hundred year-old town of Julian, world famous for its apple pie.

Worst fires in California history.

Weather Report: Cooler!  Hopefully, good news for the fires!

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