Four season harvest methods in So. California?

Q. Would it be worthwhile to do some four season harvest techniques as back up for situations like this? Though I’m guessing you’d want a solar powered fan too to keep plants from overheating on the more common warm days. I was thinking that you could also use the paths in a four season greenhouse as an emergency place to park earthbox type planters on frost nights.

A. Such “four season methods” would have been something to consider had we known such a year was in store. This weird cold snap was so unexpected, and with our being spoiled living in such a mild climate with generally mild weather, we were so unprepared. Why spend money when one really doesn’t have the need for cold frames, fans or even greenhouses? Normally we can get by with plastic coverings and hosing down the plants in the morning. But the intense cold that lasted 6 consecutive nights was too much. Now if such weather flukes become the norm because of global warming effects, then we folks in mild climates may have to start taking lessons from gardeners out East.

It’s a setback, but we are truly blessed since things could have been worse and are worse in other parts of the country.

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