Thewildfires continue to cause massive destruction and loss of life. Mother Nature is certainly letting us know who’s boss. The air quality is unhealthy, smells of smoke and occasionally ash falls from the sky. Fortunately our local foothills have escaped, but the fire danger is still great. It has been the worst fires in a decade. The stupidity of it all is that the fires are believed to have been started by arson — it’s a shame.

Tamarillos or tree tomatoes

In our “safe” little world today, we are harvesting the lovely tree tomatoes (tamarillos) – tasted one, quite an interesting tart flavor. Going to have to look up on the internet how to use them in dishes.

The edible flower business of ours has been affected by the weather. The pansies that we planted, which are being counted on by our clients, are being lost due to the heat. Hopefully it’ll cool down soon, so we don’t loose any more.


Here’s an inspirational story :America’s homeless become new small-town pioneers

Weather Report: Heat wave continues…

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