Smoky sunrise

No relief in sight! And now dangerous Santa Ana winds are predicted for this weekend. 

The sun has an eerie red/orange glow this morning due to the smoke-filled air. Actually, it’s quite beautiful, although you hate to think of what’s causing such a beautiful glow and knowing that acres of land and houses are being engulfed in flames. Hope the heat wave ends soon.

It’s uncomfortable to work in the yard or on the garage roof with the glaring sun being so low in the sky. The glare is really intense!   Thankfully since the season is bringing on shorter days we only have to endure the tremendously dry heat for a few hours. 

Unfortunately, the weather continues to take its toil on the plants in the yard and putting us weeks behind schedule. Many of the delicate veggies are withering and we are watering more that we would like – hoping not to loose too many plants.   But nonetheless, some veggies are a total lost and we’ll just have to plant another batch and wait till cooler weather to transplant.

One good thing with hot temps is that the tomato plants are flowering and setting fruit!

Fall tomatoes

Weather Report: Heat wave continues…

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