Edible flowers

We really are really blessed in having great customers, that appreciate our produce, flowers, herbs and edible flowers. Because of our close relationship we often get special requests for certain colors and such. One of our clients is a personal chef and has clientele in the Hollywood scene. The other day she needed edible flowers to decorate platters for an NBA benefit she was catering. She requested, “man flowers” In other words, no roses or pastel pansies – in other words no “sissy, feminine flowers”!

We get a kick out of putting together “designer” edible flower mix boxes. What did we end up using? Some nice dark red marigolds, purple and red pansies and some small yellow sunflowers. Should be quite a spread.


It’s wonderful to have found a small niche, that we can cater to. Clients who are looking for the unusual, fresh, organic, and local. One thing we did this year for some of our weekly clients, to make our business more sustainable, is to use Rubbermaid’s for packing salad and edible flower mixes. That way we could cut down on the throw-away plastic containers and bags we were using. Saves us money and doesn’t clutter the landfills. For packing tomatoes, in the summer we are on the look-out for those low cardboard boxes they use to hold soft drinks in. We rescue them from a store nearby – they are great for heirloom tomatoes.

Weather Report: Heat wave continues…

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