… that’s what I’d like to know. The heat has been brutal the past couple days and this week we are expected to reach even higher temps in the low to mid 100’s. Summer is stubbornly taking its time in giving way to Fall.

We’re having to cover the young, delicate green crops and peas to protect them. The heat also cut short the glorious mass of sunflowers that were in the yard. Now, all that’s left is shriveled and brown.

We are hoping to remove the huge date palm in the front yard as it’s becoming a pain to keep clean – dates dropping everywhere and becoming mushy and a fly problem. Not to mention when the Santa Ana winds howl and palm fronds are dangerously sent everywhere, causing damage to the plants underneath. So, now that we’ve invested and planted expensive guavas and apple trees, these fronds poise a danger in breaking the trees.

The guys already torn down the lovely green ivy we had growing up the ugly, gnarly base of the palm and it’s really shocking to see how ugly it was before the ivy grew up around it. WE LOVE LA?

LA Times Opinion 10/19

Can LA Survive?

Is Los Angeles sustainable? It depends. The city, like many in the semiarid West, is poised on an exceedingly narrow environmental ledge.

…It doesn’t help to pretend – and it’s mostly pretending – that California’s Native American lived in undisturbed harmony with the environment. They put a lighter footprint on the landscape.

…Angelinos have always tried – and always failed – to balance competing metaphors of “opportunity” and “livability” to improve on the nature they found.

…You might call LA our ruined paradise and our home. If we’re to make LA sustainable, one thing we must do better is connect the region’s remaining nature with the home we’ve made.

Weather Report: Heat wave – a scorcher!

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