I’ve been slack in my postings….

It’s been a rough week, to say the least, as things haven’t gone smoothly in many of our projects. Right now, we are all just downright exhausted.

We were oh-so-close to buying a perfect diesel car and were really excited but it didn’t work out… unfortunately.  It was disappointing to us, especially with our VW bus giving us constant problems. And because of the VW’s problems, our search for a car is demanding first priority over some of our other projects. This further strengthens my dislike for cars – period!

The plywood which we needed to finish one spot of the roof was sold out at two lumber yards in the area and the price has doubled in the meantime (due to the shortage – most being shipped to Iraq). The solar brackets and racks haven’t arrived and we are having trouble figuring out how to mount them properly on old rafters.

Not to mention the weather the past couple days has been hot and the cool weather plants are taking a beating.

Sheesh,I’d better stop, or I’d have a country western song on my hands … *grin*

Weather Report: HOT, temps in the 100’s.

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