The plywood has been hammered to the roof and so we are now awaiting the solar panels and brackets (from California Green Designs of Encino Calif) that should arrive sometime today. Once the brackets are screwed onto the rafters, the next step will be to put on the tarpaper/singles, install the solar panels and then connect all the electrical work. We shall be getting some much needed help with the solar installation and electrical work from someone who has done this before.

Hot pink hibiscus

However, this project is continuing to drag on longer than we anticipated and is going a whole lot slower than we had hoped.We are cutting the Nov 14th deadline pretty close as we have to have the panels up and operating by the 14th to qualify for the rebate program. But throughout it all, we’ve learned lessons and gained valuable experience in this stage of the journey.

Once this project is complete, we’ll want to work on fixing up the garage into a functioning workshop area — a place where we can dry herbs, store seeds, do some crafts and so on. The garage would have a nice “country” look with herbs hanging from the rafters… Have lots of ideas and dreams, but right now we really should be focused on the task at hand… it’s so easy to fall into the “I wish” or “if only” mindset and not get anything done.

The cut flowers and herbs we started bringing to our clients are really popular! They love the wild, “just picked,” look, not to mention the smells of flowering herbs such as lemon verbena and blue basil. We love growing and picking ’em and it’s another great source of income!!! Sure beats those sprayed, non-smelling, fake looking so called “flowers” from supermarkets. Hmmm, starting to eye some of our neighbors’ yards for planting more flowers.

We gals’ll have to start get our knitting needles clickin’ away like mad. Our knitting teacher generously gave us some lovely yarn but I have to stop drooling and finish the project I started and not touch the new yarn till I’m done. I heard that there is someone in the LA area who was interested in passing on spinning and dying skills to an apprentice. That’s something to look into! I’ll have to find out more info.

We are sill searching for a diesel car. It’s funny, or ironic, or whatever you’d like to call it but once we started seriously looking to buy the listings seem to have dried up. We hate cars, hate buying cars – but if we can take a car and convert it to bio-fuels it’ll be worth all the time and effort. But, as of right now, it’s all getting to be a bit stressful!

Fall is a great time of year for taking cuttings and JC has gone through the yard and snipped away – especially at the lemon verbena. Folks from the school nearby are interested in buying some herb plants from us. The huge 8ft lemon verbena in the front yard always grabs their attention. They cannot believe how large and what nice a specimen it is. I think it’s because JD always trims it back each year to give it it’s lovely shape. The folks from the school have also expressed interests in the stevia plants, so JC took a few snips from those too.

Weather Report: Overcast in mornings, warm afternoons.

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