Yesterday, the guys finished hammering most of the plywood onto the garage roof. Next comes tar paper, roofing insulation, shingles and then solar panels. Unfortunately, this diy project has not gone smoothly. They’ve run into some difficulties with the garage being old and not properly constructed, so they are having to improvise as they go along. And it’s really been frustrating! As much as we love old structures, they are sure buggers to work on…. could use the crew fromTHIS OLD HOUSE, though!

Up on the roof

After the roof is shingled, the guys plan to install a day lighting system in the garage so that there’ll be no need for any light fixtures — during the day at least. Also, they’ll be putting in some gutters along the garage roof to catch rain water; doing some painting, fixing the windows, and so on… Might as well fix up everything while we’re at it.

This has sure been quite a learning experience, especially regarding the way houses/garages were built back in the old days…. solid, full redwood that literally was what it was supposed to measure. Nowadays the lumber just ain’t the same.


There was a request to see pics of the sun shower. As I mentioned in a previous posting, the water is heated using coiled black garden hoses. All we need now is to figure out a way to incorporate cold water in with the heated water- as the black hose can heat up the water to where it can be dangerous if you don’t take care.

The shower head and base was purchased from Target. The guys used an old wood trellis and metal porch columns to make a little privacy enclosure. The shower stall is raised off the ground with bricks that were salvaged from a friend’s driveway. The water then drains into the surrounding compost pile and edible shrubby.

For finishing touches, a Poet’s Jasmine was planted to cover the shower and when I have some time, I’d like to make a rustic shower curtain.


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Weather Report: Cool.

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