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otherwise known as the C.C.R gang! Yep, we are now a three cat household. The cats are: Cassidy, a stray, dumped off on our street as a kitty; Ringo another stray who was given to us; and now Cody who is one of Cassidy’s three kittens.

A week old                         A few weeks                      About a month


Cassidy got pregnant before we even had a chance to spay her (but she is now — all our cats have had that trip to the vet). So she had three adorable kittens (two boys and one girl) who were almost carbon copies of their mother.   For awhile, their temporary names were Ditto, Xerox, and CC (for carbon copy)…. but they eventually became to be known by other pet names.   (Isn’t it weird how you can name a cat but then end up calling it all sorts of nicknames?) Once we found willing adopters, we parted with two of the kittens (yes, it was really, really hard). They have exceptional loving homes and have brought great joy to the people that adopted them. What’s great too is that we get occasional updates from the folks who adopted them!

Back when we first rescued her from our neighbor’s cellar and adopted her, Cassidy was sickly, malnourished, covered in fleas, and mangy. In fact, she was so small we thought she was younger than her real age. She had a really bad case of mange that just caused most of the fur on her nose and face to peel off.   We didn’t want to bring her to the vet for them to shoot her up with antibiotics and cortisone, so we treated it naturally with tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar rinse and lemon juice. Whatever one it was of the three, it worked.

She is a bit, well … we call it deranged. She constantly talks to herself and oftentimes has a lost look about her, but she is really sweet. It took a long time for her to trust us after we rescued her, but she is very affectionate now.

Ringo has a case of multiple personalities – he can be sweet and cuddly and then in the next instance will growl and hiss… Can’t seem to figure out whether he wants to be sweet or mean. Poor fellow, he’s getting better though and his temperament is improving.   But he is totally sweet to Cassidy and Cody. He’s the protector of the bunch… always looking after Cassidy and making sure she’s okay.   One time Cassidy didn’t come home at her regular time that night and he fretted until she appeared and then ran up to her to give her a “nose kiss”. Awwww…

Cody, well, he’s just a perfect cat!. (Rather spoiled though…..)

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

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  1. Eve says:

    What do you feed the cats? Is it store bought or do you make it yourself? If it is store bought i assume you get it in bulk on account of only going shopping every 8 weeks. My three scarf down a 16-lb. bag about once a month

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