An interesting tidbit, from the July 03 issue ofSunset Magazine, page 140:

Those tiny stickers on the loose fruits and vegetables at the market have a worthy purpose. Besides telling the store’s computer database at checkout what the time is and how much it costs, the price lookup code (PLU) tells you how it was grown.

Conventionally grown produce carries a four digit code. On organically grown items, a number 9 precedes that basic code, on genetically modified produce a number 8. The number on a conventionally grown apple might be 4133; on an organic apple, 94133; and on a genetically modified one, 84133.”

~ Linda Lau Anusasananan ~


The ice cream banana behind the garage has had a tremendous growth spurt; possibly due to all the compost we piled up back there over the years! It’s a really nice specimen!

The tree tomatoes have fruit on them but are taking quite awhile to ripen though. Can’t wait to have our first tastes…

The pomegranates are growing well, but not blooming – yet.

Tree tomatoes

The past three mornings we’ve found extensive damage in the yard – veggies and pathways dug up. We know from the tracks that the culprit is a pesky skunk. We love animals and know he/she is just trying to find a meal (poor thing), but we are loosing way too many small vegetables. So yesterday one of the guys built a drop door trap in hopes of catching the little fella and then relocating him/her to the wilds of Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco.

Weather Report: Overcast and cool

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