Snapshots of the front yard in a wondrous display of glorious yellow

As our readers can see from my tardiness in posting these past couple days (er week), things have been quite busy lately. The past few days are spent trying to keep up with plantings, projects and just the daily routine of chores and the roof construction is making it all a bit difficult to get things back to normal…  

Nonetheless, I’ll try and cover what’s been happening, so the post will a contemplation of a little bit of this and that.

The long wait is over! (Nope not talking about the roof…. just yet!)  Fourshiny black Mexicola avocados were FINALLY ready to pick! From the size of the huge avocado tree we had expected more but only four blossoms took and produced fruit. We think the wind storm and drizzle we had back in early Spring when it was blossoming contributed to the minuscule harvest as quite alot of blossoms fell to the ground. Have to say though, those four little avocados were really flavorful and nutty… Yes, we definitely could do with a couple more! Perhaps next year? We hope!

Red okra flower                       Devils claw                    Purple eggplant


Remnants from the summer yard are being transitioned to fall. All the sweet smelling hay is being scraped up from the concrete patio to prepare for the coming rains and the ground up dirt left underneath from constant foot-traffic has been spread into the raised beds.

The scarlet runner beans and pole beans are producing again and it is an unexpected blessing to have beans so late in the season. The eggplants are still going strong and besides the apple-green ones we are now harvesting beautiful purple ones. Also, the okra continue to produce like crazy and we’ve been making a cornmeal batter and frying them. Surprisingly delicious actually! Then again, anything fried is good tasting anyways. 😉

An unusual addition to this year’s garden and plant species is “devil’s claw”which are ready to be harvested. I’ve read fromNative Seeds/Search that they can be eaten like okra.

In several places of the yard the beautiful, large spiders that appear towards the end of summer have finally showed up. This year they seem to have built their webs a bit later than usual. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s any folk lore or tales that have to do with spiders spinning their webs late? Will it be a cold and wet or dry winter.  

The birds are feasting on the ripe broom corn tassels and each morning we arevisited by a hummingbird that likes to eat its breakfast in the yard – every morning at right on the clock.

The Fall planting bug has bitten us… even though the temps continue to fluctuate – from the 100’s to the low 80’s. This drastic flux appears to be causing the newly planted seeds such as lettuces and greens to grow a bit sporadic. And on the days the weather was hot some of the snow peas steamed in the ground. So we’ll have put some shade cloths up to protect them.

The guys are redoing the chicken coop area as I mentioned before because the pvc pipe and plastic netting was getting a bit ratty. When all is complete Ishall post pictures, promise.

For the solar shower right now we are using coiled up black garden hoses and it sureheats the water just fine…. too fine, actually! The water can get pretty darn hot and dangerous! So the guys will have to find a way to somehow allow some cool water to be mixed it to regulate the water temp.

More later….

Weather Report: Foggy mornings, warm afternoons.

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