Besides renovating the old garage (taking much longer than we anticipated… getting pretty tiresome, stressful and frustrating!) the guys are fixing up the chicken coop. They’ve added an extended overhang so the chickens and ducks will have a bit of protection from the rain (Californians kinda forget about rain after awhile). They also plan to replace the pvc pipe enclosure with wood or lodge poles for a bit more of a country look… photos to come!

There’s quite a lot of projects and repairs that still need to be done. Even though we have over 300 plant species in the yard, the one that still eludes us is the money tree. I heard it’s VERY rare. LOL


The front yard has filled in nicely this year and looks surprisingly lush for late summer. The bright sunflowers add a nice warm sunny glow to the yard. And it seems that many of the plants are quite content to grow where they are planted. The Anna apples are producing a second flush of apples, (good year for apples I suppose?) and the herbs, berries, fruit trees and veggies are filling in nicely.

But everything is not all well as we’ve suffered casualties in the plant world. The two huge English lavenders we’ve had for over three years – just decided to shrivel up and die… they were my favorite! Peeved at their drastic demise, I took lots of cuttings from the dying plants (but if they all root, we’ll have more lavender than we could ever need!). The southern highbush blueberries are pathetic looking so we dug them out and put them in pots. Now they can get some special TLC – they definitely need it, poor fellows. The passion fruit we had growing against the garage suddenly died from too much water. Happy ducks contributed to its rotting. The area behind the garage used to be so dusty and dry, but with the addition of ducks and water the ground is now moist, but I guess it was too moist for the passion fruit.

Anyhow, on the bright side, the raspberries and passion fruits are ripening at a good pace. So last night we enjoyed a tropical fruit bowl topped with homemade granola! The smell and taste were delightful. Seconds?

Weather Report: HOT.

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