Reported on CNN, aMisguided Marijuana Mission – authorities destroy protein plants (Kenaf) which were mistaken for pot!

Hmmm, we haveKenaf growing wild in the yard and we always wonder if one day the Feds will swarm in for a raid — tipped off by someone who mistakes it for thereal thing. So far, nobody has noticed the plants as they are inconspicuously tucked away amid the mass of other plant species.  


A writer recently contacted us from the local community news zine. It seems that our participation in practically all the city’s rebate programs has gotten someone’s attention. She wanted to know if we have noticed any benefits in the purchase of Energy Star products, so we pulled out all our electrical bills to see if there was any drop in KWH. In 2000 we were using (daily/yearly average) 10.6 KWH per day and now we are down to 6.8 KWH (and we hope to kill even more!) Boy, we are sure on a murderous rampage! Lawns, watts, what’ll be next?

P.S. We have no dryer and AC. Also it helps that we have a gas stove and water heater – so that reduces the use of electricity somewhat.

Crunching the numbers — Daily/year average: 2000 10.6 KWH, 2001 8.7 KWH, 2002 7.7 KWH, 2003 6.8 KWH…

Weather Report: HOT… Fall hasn’t arrived just yet…

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