We received our “official”Backyard Wildlife Habitat certificate from the NWF in which states:

This habitat is certified in the NWF’s worldwide network of mini-refuges where, because of the owner’s conscientious planning, landscaping, and gardening, wildlife may find quality habitat-food, water, cover, and places to raise their young.

Calif poppy

When visiting, people often comment on the sounds of all the birds in our yard… It’s amazing how much wildlife one can attract in the middle of the city.   We try our best to incorporate natural, wildlife friendly plants into the edible landscape and so far we have seen a dramatic increase of insect and bird species.

It’s a really wild feeling we get when we sit in the backyard amid the jungle of plants back there — we feel as though we are out in the country by experiencing the the sights (greenery), smells (mulch, straw, flowers), sounds (birds, ducks and chickens) … If we can’t be in the country, we sure can bring it to our little lot here! We are slowly creating our own little oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle.


Our friend who brought the Arcadia High School students over for a field trip, sometime back in April, finally got around to giving us the students’ extra credit essays on what they learned from their outing. It was such a wonderful experience for us to share what we have with others and we hope that from what we have been blessed with, we can in turn share with others so they will leave with an broader understanding of the world around them and how they can make a difference…. one step at a time.

I wish I could type up and post all the essays here, but I’ll pick out the best of the best! (Note: some of these high school students are recent immigrants from China and their English is just developing.)

….This project effect me that I have learn many things and I could follow their step and make a better environment. To my family that we could follow it and also grow plants and vegetables and flowers to decorate pretty for our house. To community to give them a good looking and clean.


The place was pretty cool. It had a lot of different kind of plants I had never seen before, and it was amazing that some of the flowers and leaves could actually be eaten. I think the place is amazing.  It wasn’t like a family’s back yard. It was like a farm where people grow a lot of things. I think the project can help my mother to understand to take a good care of the backyard. It can help the poor people in the city to have food to eat and the world.


I think this is really cool, very helpful and good for the earth. I think that if more people did this with oven {solar oven} and planted greens the earth could be a better, happier place. I thought it was cool how they said they never {not exactly!} had to got to the grocery store, that way they can save their money. I think this project would be good for my family…. I also think it would do good for the community and churches and the world. {Note: red my emphasis}


This was an amazing garden. I can’t even explain how amazing it was to see what that family has done with their house. I loved smelling all the different smells of all the different plants… I was so inspired by this garden it was so organized and really well planned out. I love the fact that they grow most of their own food so they don’t have to go to the store as often as most families… I think that this trip was totally awesome trip and I think that it should be used for many of the next years to come.


….I felt so happy and want to try everything. If everyone plant a little in their yard, we can get clean air and not much pollution. The world will be more nice and we can also get fun from planting.


….I say if we all had that same understanding we as a world would focus on saving mother earth rather than destroying it for major corporations we can save so much money and then save so many lives at the same time so either way it’s a win win situation.


….This project affected me a lot because it gave me an really good idea by becoming a plant person. I told my mom if we can make a garden in our back yard and she said yea and it is going to be really cool when I make my garden

We hope to continue to expand our outreach program and share our project with more children (and adults!) of all ages to show them how they can care for our planet.

Weather Report: Warm.

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