On Sunday, Jules Dervaes and the rest of us here, spent a wonderful afternoon giving a tour to the current class of thePermaculture Design Course of Los Angeles at theLA Eco Village. It’s a six week program but their teacher told us their visit to our place was a great finish to those many weeks of studying and discussion in the classrooms. She went on to say that to see permaculture principles and concepts being practiced, especially in the city, put a lot of the ideas into perspective for the students of the class.

One visitor was even overheard in conversation with someone to have said (to the effect of) that this one visit had done more for him in answering all his questions than any other trips he had taken before.

The group was enthusiastic and the feelings were mutual on our part. And such was the excitement in the air!

It was a long day for all of us and those in the tour, so to top it all off we finished the visit with a glass of cold refreshing herbal tea — the leaves having been picked fresh from the garden and seeped just hours before.

Concrete “flower”


Yesterday the guys used up some of the busted concrete that we took out of the driveway and hammered out “petals” to form a “flower” patio. There was always a broken concrete patio in this place but it was sort of fitted together in placement and certainly not in a special type of pattern.

We’ll now have to plant a low growing herb like Roman chamomile to fill in the cracks – otherwise, it really improves that spot in the yard don’t you think?

What makes it all the more special is that it didn’t cost us any $$$$ — only muscle power! Beautiful hardscape and a workout — what more can you ask for!

Weather Report: Warm, but pleasant

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