The one thing that bothers us most is that during the summer we have to use quite a lot of our most precious resource — water. Even though, we mulch, re-claim some gray water, hand and soaker irrigate and try to conserve, we still have to draw water from the city; which, of course, gets some from the local mountains but mostly from the Colorado River. It’s not an ideal situation but for us city dwellers there’s not much choice, don’t think we can dig a well?

Imagine how different this place would be like without the mighty Colorado – a scary thought.

Morning glory
On Saturday, our local PBS station was re-airingWATER, THE DROP OF LIFE, which got us to re-analyzing ways we could save even more precious water.

The following is a quote from the show which included the insightful statements from Kofi Annon, Queen Noor of Jordan, Dalai Lama, Ted Danson, and others.

“So, there is a reverence, which we do not have in our society. We have a respect, you know, we clean up our mess, or we should. We have a respect about how water comes and how we should preserve it. But that spiritual relationship with the world, with the plant world, or with the ground, or with water, we do not have. And that is a lesson -a huge lesson- for us I think, in the West. To be able to take these rituals and get a sense of reverence which we do not have now.” ~ Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop ~

Weather Report: Warm.

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