A fluttering visitor

The weather has cooled down considerably! I even was inspired to resume knitting the wool sweater I had started in Spring. Yesterday was actually a gorgeous day – puffy white clouds over the mountains, a slight cool breeze and not much smog. Ahhhh, a really rare and lovely late Summer’s day.

Right when I was about to leave the house yesterday for a trip into town, something large and fluttering caught the corner of my eye. A gorgeous butterfly was feasting on some of the sweet smelling butterfly bushes so I grabbed the camera….

Speaking of smells….We are trying to squeeze in some fragrant scented bushes and vines into the yard. So, the other day we purchased anArabian Jasmines and aPoets Jasmine. Both are “edible” in the sense that you can use the flowers to make teas and even perfumes! We hope that by next summer we will be sipping on tea and the exotic scent of jasmine will fill the summer nights air.

The smells of flowers and herbs in the garden is quite intoxicating, if we are having a stressful day one just needs to brush pass the lemon verbena or African blue basil to get a dose of aromatherapy…. inhale… aaaaaah.

Weather Report: Nice, slightly chilly in the mornings and evenings.

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