What a summer season it has been! The forces of nature have given us some very nice surprises but also some disappointments. The winter squash harvest was dismally affected by our neighbor’s huge pecan tree. We harvested a few here and there, but it was nowhere near to last year’s harvest. We are going to have to try and figure out a better location for the squash next season. The zuke bed was also affected, so we didn’t have to worry about dumping extra into our neighbor’s yards or worry about whale size zukes. We did however feast on delicate fried squash blossom stuffed with cheese, fresh basil and chives. What a tasteful delight.

Squash blossom

Also we planted a variety of cukes like we do every year. But again, this year was a strange one for the cukes too. Oddly enough, while the green ones produced well the heirloom lemon cucumber harvest was pretty pathetic. Last year we had loads and loads of crisp lemon cukes…

We are eating the last of the corn, trying to stretch out this sweet experience as long as possible. We love corn on the cob so much, I might be tempted to buy some organic corn on sale just to satisfy our cravings.

It nice to know that we aren’t the only ones with finicky veggies. We have heard stories from fellow gardeners in the area that certain things aren’t doing well either… hearing that makes the “failures” a bit easier to swallow… “Failure” isn’t the right word, more like learning experience. So, yes indeed, it’s been a successful learning experience. And there’s always next year to look forward to!

Weather Report: Dreadful heat has broken! Back to our regular scheduled weather.

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