2 heads are better than 1

Finally got around to uploading somenew duck pics. They have certainly grown and are really sweet!

As we look into the possibilities of alternative fuels such asSVO (simple vegetable oil) andbiodiesel, I came across this site calledDrive 55 Conservation Project. Not only is driving fast dangerous but it also is more polluting and fuel wasting. Everything in this society is in fast mode and I especially hate it when someone dangerously speeds up in front of you cuz you are going just too darn slow for them and then guess what? You both meet up when the light turns red. So much for being in a hurry, huh?

Last Friday we made our 8 week grocery shopping trip. Due to the wonderful blessings of fresh veggies and fruit we only spent a little over $400. Now, this is not to say around week six or seven, we may run out of something if we happen to be eating more of this or that and I’ll have to pick up an item or two. But basically we’ve pretty much gotten the hang of bulk shopping. To keep the dry storage items free of little surprises (namely, creepy crawly things), we sprinkle a small amount of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) in the bins. This helps prevent weevils and other hungry critters from invading our food lauder.

DE is a great natural repellant for fleas, flies and all pesky insects. We use DE on our cats for natural flea control. Each week we give them a dusting of DE, along with adding a teaspoonful to their food. Amazingly, this simple method works, along with giving our cats a apple cider vinegar bath each week which gives them a healthy shiny fur. A local horse farm in the area uses huge amounts of DE to successfully control the flies.

Weather Report: The heat continues, no end in sight.

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