They make everything groovy! Over the years we have seen an increase in wildlife that come and visit. Well, we finally got around to applying for the Backyard Wildlife Habitat and hope to receive an “accreditation” plaque in a couple of weeks.

This year we’ve seen a dramatic rise in monarch butterflies due to our effort in planting more butterfly friendly plants. There is also lots of June Bugs buzzing around – I don’t really care for these creatures who blindly fly along and always dread running into one.

Dragonfly…. or I should say them running into me!

Along with the increase in wildlife, there is a pesky little creature that is around more often. Due to the increase humidity we are experiencing a rise in mosquitoes – oftentimes waking up during the night to hear that awful high pitched humming sound buzzing near the ear which can drive anyone practically insane. Ah… it brings back fond memories a few summers back of our 8 day unguided canoe journey down theGreen River in Utah. (It’s not “green” BTW – just thought I’d add that! …see more photos)

Anyhow, the job of cleaning up all the tomatoes is finally finished and we’re cutting them back to the new growth, so hopefully we’ll get a second flush harvest since many of the tomatoes are sprouting up new growth from the bottom.

We ordered our bulk seeds for Fall. Even though we try and save as many seeds as we can, it’s hard to save enough to use throughout the year.   So, unfortunately, we still have to buy some seeds. A lot of it has to do with the limited space we have because we are only able to allow certain beds to go to seed.

Thanks to the continuous generous contributions from friends, we are supplied with enough jam and mayo glass jars to house our collection of seeds. This month we decided to join the folks at SSE {Seed Saver Exchange} – so I suppose you could say we are now members of SSE. Looking forward to be a part of this wonderful group of people.

On another subject relating to what’s in the news – namely the big blackout on the East Coast – it sure makes you think how much we are dependant on the grid. Though I know it’s a terrible inconvenience, it was sort nice to see thousands of people walking over 59th Street Bridge instead of bumper to bumper cars.

We’ve had some response on our forum to Help! City objects to veggies in front yard – Glad to see the chattering going on, the forum is not dead after all! 😉

Weather Report: Hot and humid. Where’s the dry heat?????

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