Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Well, we have two of ’em growing in the yard.  A spiky, fuzzy, purplish, weird-looking mystery. Wanna know what it is?  

So do we.

The mystery lies in identifying a pair of plants that are very odd in appearance with leaves that have purple veins and bright fuchsia undersides and long, wicked spines running down the center of the stems.

Mystery plant

One clue we do have is that the plants must have been planted by seed by one of the guys – but, unfortunately the tags disappeared when the plants were seedlings… and there’s no seed package to trace it back to. So then, we can only conclude it must have been received in a seed exchange. But it still does not bring us any closer to solving the mystery!

Would anyone like to be ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for a minute and take a crack at solving the identity of this mystery plant?  

Otherwise I’ll just mosey on down to the “Name That Plant Forum” and see if they can help.

In other news, the past couple days have been real scorchers with temps over 100º and the heat has been brutal towards the plants. We have to cover some parts of the yard with temporary shade cloths to keep the leaves from scorching.

One part of the yard especially needs to be protected since the guys cut down the 20 foot ornamental peach tree – yikes, what a shock! It certainly changes the micro climate of that part of the yard — from shade to sun, but in its place we planted an Anna Apple which we hope will grow and fill the large void of the once lovely ornamental peach tree. Meanwhile we’ll just have to get used to the stark emptiness.

Weather Report: Brutal hot temps – 105º No relief in sight.

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  1. carolann krimmer says:

    could it be Gunnerra? the spikes on the underside make me think of that

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