Twig trellis finds a home

Another score! The other day we rescued this lovely willow trellis from the trash of a local nursery. Sure wish I could find more goodies like this one.

Even though we love trees, our neighbor’s huge, towering pecan tree (now over 50 ft – max 100 ft) is starting to affect the production of our garden so we now have hateful thoughts against it such as wishing it would fall (but not hurting anything!) or die — all these morbid thoughts for this one tree?

It overwhelms our neighbor’s backyard so much, that even his grass is dying – nothing can grown under its dense shade. Now from about 4PM the haunting shadows are creeping into our backyard garden and are contributing to the evil mildew and blight that runs rampant in the garden. And besides, only a handful of pecans are harvested from this tree each year because the crows and squirrels beat us to the delightful nuts before they are even ripe.

The future doesn’t look bright for this tree and it’s just a matter of time… there is ooze coming out of the bark and half its roots were cut when the school dug the trench to put in the concrete fence.

One of the two neighbors living there (it’s a two house property) wants it taken down for fear it will fall. However, being a renter, she is unable to get the owners to take care about the problem. So, we’ll just have to see… hoping that when the Fall and Spring winds come howling down from the canyons and high deserts that it doesn’t fall the wrong way.

Weather Report: Dry heat, temps in the low 90’s.

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