Seems like there’s a de-cluttering bug going around.Lisa,Melissa andJBB have started the tasks of tackling their clutter…. could this bug have reached our home too? Happy to say that we are now infected. 😉

I’m the type of person who hates to throw anything away, especially plastic or glass containers. I’m always thinking that it took so much time and resources to make this thing so I’ll keep it and re-use it. Container items are especially useful to store seeds, nails, odd and ends, or even leftover food.

Scraping linoleum off

The problem is — the cabinet that’s temporary storage for these items quickly fills up and I have to make the painful decision of what to throw away (well into the recycle bin, so I guess that lessens the pain a bit)

What’s ironically funny to this whole scenario is that when you clean-house and finally rid yourself of the excess, a few days later you happen to need the stuff you just threw out. Then you are right back to square one, keeping everything and telling yourself that you’re NEVER going to let this happen ever again. But then months pass and as you open the kitchen cabinet and duck when a mountain of plastic and glass containers spill out all over you and onto the floor you know then that you’re going to start that crazy cycle all over again.

Our home is an old fixer-upper bungalow style home with lots of wood panel and flooring. The previous owners rented out the place and it was in pretty bad shape when we bought it. We’ve been fixing it up a little at a time over the years, though it still needs a lot of work! Besides its faults of not having many closets, one of the things I love about this old house is it’s large windows and wood floors…. that’s is if you can get to them. Luckily the previous owners didn’t linoleum every room – leaving the study, one bedroom, the living and dining room with the natural wood flooring. But they carpeted the bathroom (and underneath that is linoleum — wall to wall carpet in a bathroom is NOT recommended!) and linoleum-ed (such a word?) the laundry, kitchen and two bedrooms. Taking off the old linoleum is not very exciting work, though I have to say that I love to see the wood emerge from underneath. It’s like unearthing a treasure of some sorts. It’s a slow and tedious process (especially since I don’t want to use any chemicals) just using a simple hive tool and the inch-by-inch process of uncovering the beautiful hardwood flooring.

If tacky linoleum over beautiful wood floor doesn’t leave you shuddering, these people painted with “blah beige” over all the lovely redwood paneling in the living and dining rooms! The beautiful marble brick “fireplace” was painted a hideous red.

Fortunately it wasn’t as horrible as our twin house a few doors down (the family that built our home also built an exact twin a few doors down) There, someone painted the hardwood floors fire engine red! Yikes! I sometimes wonder in disbelief what on earth were these people thinking – covering over all this beautiful wood. Luckily when we first moved in, we quickly restored a lot of the wood and regained the beautiful marble brick fireplace….. ahhhhh…

Weather Report: Warm, thankfully low humidity.

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